How MFTU works

How does Message From the Universe work for you?

I am a person of worth and dignity

My work provides pleasure for me and those around me
Each day the universe picks a message just for you. Through random synchronicity or selection a message is chosen from an ever increasing collection of affirmations, most of which are in The Affirmation Book. You get your personal Message From the Universe by logging on to this site or by subscribing to Daily Message Emails.

I am a goal-oriented winner

Success is coming to me easily and effortlessly
Imagine the difference an uplifting message could make on a gray cold stressful morning or moments before an important meeting or at a time when you think you have made a terrible mistake. Sometimes the undeniable synchronicity of your message will make you laugh and sometimes it will make you cry with relief.

I meet challenges with composure and calm

I am always in the right place doing the right thing
Your message can center you. It can comfort you. It can remind you of the "Big Picture". It can help you make sense out of what is happening around you. Message From the Universe can show you we are never really alone.
What does your Message From The Universe mean?Your message speaks to you. You know its meaning. It can be a guide for your day. It can direct you to an important issue you have yet to consider or tell you something you need to know. It can even give you a message you know should be passed on to another.

Your Message From The Universe can be an oracle... Have a question or situation in mind, log on and get your response.

Only you know what your message really means. But in any case, you will always find Message From The Universe a helpful insightful experience.

Your message From the Universe is an affirmation.
Affirmations are positive statements. They galvanize our strength and determination to direct first our thoughts and then our actions. We can not control the past. We can not control the future. Our point of control is the present. Affirmations are written in the present tense

I accept my decisions knowing I am free to change

I now handle my life with ease and joy

I now accept harmonious solutions

In the present we set the stage that guides our future. Affirmations are powerful. They organize our thoughts into words that we can use to shape our imagination, commitment, belief and desire into reality.

Each computer will receive one message each day. If yours is a communal computer then accept the daily message as one for all who log on. You can retrieve your personal message by subscribing to Daily Messages Delivered by Email. The cost is nominal the impact phenomenal.

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Get your daily message delivered by email

Send us your favorite affirmations for others to enjoy. We will include them in our growing data base of daily messages. Each month we will select three respondents to receive a subscription to Daily Email Messages from the Universe as a thank you

They can be reproduced and emailed to friends. You can receive the files immediately or over the next five days using your own password. Order your downloads today and see what amazing things can happen.